Root Canal Treatment is a dental procedure which is done when nerves present inside the tooth gets infected / inflamed / exposed due to various reasons such as caries, trauma, fracture of tooth etc. In this procedure we treat / save the concerned tooth by removing the infected / inflamed pulp and devitalizing and disinfecting the tooth followed by obturation and restoration.


  • Pain due to infection and inflammation in and around the tooth.
  • The pain might range from mild to severe.
  • The pain may be dull or sharp shooting type which exaggerate on chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • In some cases, the tooth even becomes sensitive to air also.
  • Swelling around the infected tooth and gums.
  • Sinus formation.

 Why is Root Canal Treatment done?

RCT is done on an infected or inflamed or damaged tooth to

  • To relieve pain
  • Eliminate infection and avoid its spread.
  • To save the concerned tooth
  • To avoid extraction.


  • This procedure is done under local anesthesia if the tooth is vital or can even be done without a local anesthesia if the involved tooth is non vital.
  • Removal of carious portion of the tooth
  • Drilling the tooth to access the pulp chamber
  • Removal of the pulp from inside the tooth
  • Cleaning and shaping the canal
  • Disinfecting the canal
  • Obturation of canal
  • Restoring the tooth
  • Crown / cap placement.

This procedure has multiple steps and usually requires 2 – 4 visits to the dentist.

Depending on the case and the amount of infection spread some cases can even be completed in a single day and is known as Single Sitting RCT.

Why should we not delay or ignore an RCT treatment?

  • Negligence leads to further spread of infection.
  • Can cause swelling of the gums.
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Abscess, granuloma, cyst formation
  • Sinus tract formation
  • Oro-antral fistula.
  • Bone resorption
  • To prevent fracture of tooth
  • Infection spread can even cause space infection like buccal space infection.
  • In rare cases spread of infection can even lead to certain condition like endocarditis.

What you need to know

Taking an antibiotic and pain killer may provide relief from pain but it does not heal the infected tooth. The only way to treat and save the infected tooth with pulpal involvement is Root Canal Treatment.

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